written and directed by Christopher Parks

created by Christopher Parks, Jim Murtha, and Lorna Howley

  Availability throughout the United States, Ireland, Canada,
  and United Kingdom.

  Please contact Robin Klinger Entertainment for details.

  www.robinklingerentertainment.com      516.472.7130

The Odyssey Experience is a completely-interactive production created at the McCarter Theatre Center, now touring through the Experiential Theater Company.  Adapted from Homer’s The Odyssey (considered the greatest epic of Western literature), Odysseus’ voyage is the subject of an innovative and participatory style of theatrical storytelling. 

The performance is fueled by the imagination of the audience as they, together with an ensemble of professional actors, create every facet of the production experience.  Students and family audiences not only interact with characters in this tale from ancient Greece, but they portray many of the principal characters themselves—Penelope, Hermes, Poseidon, members of Odysseus’ crew—as they are transported on a journey unlike any they have ever experienced before.

All photographs courtesy of McCarter Theatre Center 2008, 2013