“Grimmz Fairy Tales puts the rap in Rapunzel, leaves Cinderella hip-hoppin’ in new shoes, gets Snow White slammin’ and Hansel and Gretel jammin’. "

-The Charlotte Observer

Rapunzel: Let Down Your Hair

Photo by John Merrick Media

This play was originally produced and presented at the Children's Theatre of Charlotte in March of 2020.

  • 3:30

"The music, the choreography, and the lively acting of the cast was entertaining and certainly captivating for the young audience whose members sung along and danced in their seats throughout the performance."

-CVNC Online Arts

Snow White & The Seven Shawties

Photo by John Merrick Media

Jay and Will Grimmz

Photo by John Merrick Media

Photo by John Merrick Media

Diva La' Queen & The Grimmz Brothers

Photo by John Merrick Media

Jay and Will Grimmz, the hip-hop, fable, story dance-pop sensational brothers have come back home to the city where they grew up to give a concert.  They’re known not just for their sweet sounds, but for the stories their music tells through, off-the-chart theatrical effects.

A concert experience like none other!  They’ll be performing some of their greatest hits including "Snow White and the Seven Shawties;" "Rapunzel: Let Down Your Hair;" and their featured first Granny-winning song, "Hansel & Gretel: Out in the Streets."  Pay your bling and hear them sing, dance,…and so much more. 

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