Represented by Robin Klinger Entertainment since early 2013, Experiential Theater Company tours nationwide, as well as to the United Kingdom and Ireland. The content of our productions is intended to be both entertaining and educational, featuring evocative and thought-provoking storytelling.  When the audience enters the theater they are transported into a different world guided by our actors and our production team's vision.  While in that world they are invited often to participate as co-creators of a unique artistic performance that will never be quite the same as any other performed.

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2013-2014 Presenters and Partners

Photos courtesy of McCarter Theatre Center 2008,2009, 2012, 2013, Children's Theatre of Charlotte 2016

2017-2018 Presenters and Partners

2014-2015 Presenters and Partners

"If you're in the room, you're in the show!"

2018-2019 Presenters and Partners

Under the direction of Christopher Parks, the Experiential Theater Company is dedicated to creating high quality theater opportunities for young audiences.  While at the McCarter Theatre Center, Parks and some associates pioneered the interactive style which has become our namesake.  Student and family audiences typically come to the theater expecting to see a play, but what they find out very quickly is that they are there to be in a play.  They are co-creators and collaborators who sing, dance, and act alongside professional performers.  It is a safe environment, so whatever our audience's interest in participating, everyone feels just as welcome to watch as those who come up and play. 

2016-2017 Presenters and Partners